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January 9, 2020

The Yellow Coat

'There is a yellow coat. There is a yellow coat. I see a yellow coat.' is what we heard Maddy hollering as she dashed across the yard. Kim and I were sitting in the garden, enjoying the dawn of a new decade by basking in the beautiful January weather. And now we're startled. Instead of peace, wild thoughts are racing through our heads: 1) Is there someone in our yard wearing a yellow coat? 2) Has there been someone in our yard and did they leave a yellow coat? 3) Maybe she means redcoat and the British are invading. And with these notions in our brains, Kim and I frantically scan the entire yard.

But, before we had too much time to worry, Maddy, still running, tossed a few words over her shoulder 'No dad, like a bee.' And both Kim and I at the same time exhaled and said, 'Oh a yellow jacket.'

Maddy's hustle was understandable. A few weeks ago, she disturbed a wasp nest that was hiding under a swing and got a pretty good sting out of it. Now, anything that flies and resembles a wasp has been labeled a villain. We don't really talk about or see yellow jackets a whole lot, so I'm not sure where she came up with that name. Chances are what she saw was just a harmless and helpful honeybee. We've usually got lots of them buzzing about the yard. Which is a good thing, because without bees, our garden wouldn't do much of anything.

And since you are probably busy doing what gardeners do in winter, dreaming and planning your spring gardens, think about planting a pollinator garden. There are lots of beautiful flowers that will add color to your landscape and at the same time help save the bees. Some tips for designing a garden are below and come on by the nursery to see some of our favorite pollinator-friendly plants. We promise they won't bring yellow coats or jackets. It may only be January, but new plants and flowers are arriving each day. Pretty soon, it will be time to turn those dreams and plans into beautiful gardens. When you're ready, we're here to help.

Happy Gardening,

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