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January 16, 2020

An Early Spring

It's the time of year where you should be dreaming of spring. Planning your next garden project and wishing for warm weather. But every time I look around, all I see is spring. Have you noticed the trees starting to bloom around town? I was driving along Bruce B. Downs the other day and every single golden trumpet tree planted along the median was beginning to erupt with golden color. After I noticed that, I paid more attention here in our local area and sure enough everywhere you look there are bright golden flowers starting to emerge.

Then, as I strolled around my backyard, I noticed that many of my fruit trees have started to put flowers on. A new grapefruit tree is loaded with blooms. I've been waiting for two years for flowers on my white sapote and sure enough it is covered. And the showiest of the bunch is our mango tree. Every branch seems to end with a big flower cluster. I tried to tell all these trees that it isn't spring and that they should wait a little bit, but they aren't listening to me.

And you really do have to look at the calendar to convince yourself that it is just the middle of January. The temperatures outside are unusually warm and all the plants are reacting to it. And I tell you what. If they want to grow, flower and fruit a little early, I'm all for it. No sitting inside dreaming of time in the garden, we can just get out and do it.

If you are loving these warm days and want to get outside and enjoy your garden, come see us. All sorts of cool plants have arrived including some rare finds like string of hearts, string of dolphins and birkin philodendrons. Follow us on instagram or facebook to keep up with new arrivals. And if you are still planning your spring fun in the garden, check out the events page, where we've posted the seminars and events for spring. It's going to be an amazing year in the garden and if spring wants to start a little early, we are okay with that. ​

Happy Gardening,

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