Upcoming Events Spring 2018

Cool Cold Hardy Plants
Saturday, March 24th at 10:00 am
After a cold winter, we know that you want to get your yard back in shape, but we also know that you want to find plants that are Florida tough. Owner Mark Kerby will show you some of his favorite cold-hardy plants and give you some tips for creating #KerbysCurbAppeal.
9th Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, March 31st at 10:00 am SHARP!
Bring your Easter baskets and get ready for a whole lot of fun . . . it's the 9th annual Easter Egg Hunt at Kerby's. Starting right at 10:00am, be ready to hunt and see how many Easter Eggs the kids can find hidden among the beautiful flowers.
Butterfly Workshop
Saturday, April 14th at 10:00 am
You’ve planted the flowers, you’ve watered, you’ve fertilized and now you wait. And then it appears . . . soft and fluttering, taking its time finding the perfect flower . . . it’s the first butterfly in your new butterfly garden. It’s a little flying work of art, a miracle in the air and it found your garden because you went to Kerby’s for the perfect combination of flowers. We've got the flowers butterflies love, join us to learn how to pick the right combinations and make a gorgeous butterfly garden.
Growing Great Fruit Trees
Saturday, April 28th at 10:00 am
It won't be hard to tantalize your taste buds with all of the amazing fruit trees that grow in our area. From cold-hardy to tropical there is something for everyone. We'll teach you how to be successful and get the best harvests ever.
Herb Gardening Workshop
Saturday, May 12th at 10:00 am
This is Mother's Day weekend, so bring mom out for a little fun in the garden and learn all about growing fresh, tasty herbs in Florida. It's easier than you think and all of your favorite recipes will taste even better with herbs straight from your backyard.

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