Celebrating Kerby's 40th Birthday

March 5, 2020

Flowers for my Mother

Kerby's was one of my mother's favorite places. For years we'd go there together. Her yard was adorned with her camellia and gardenia collections, most of which were bought at Kerby's. She'd get excited when annuals arrived and usually bought several each season for her front door pots.

She loved her large, beautiful yard. Her time spent there was therapeutic as well as a physical necessity when my father became terminally ill and she was his primary caretaker. She looked forward to her weekly visits to Kerby's, knowing that Kim would greet her with a friendly smile and an encouraging word as well as an introduction to the latest blooms in the garden store. Later when she faced her end of life we continued our "trips to Kerby's" as she referred to them. The flowers, plants, and butterfly room were a much-needed reprieve from cancer treatments.

Melody, daughter of Carol - Brandon, FL

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