Celebrating Kerby's 40th Birthday

March 18, 2020

A Birthday Trip

My name is Jane. My husband and I have recently become huge fans of Kerby's nursery! We frequently stop by and pick-up new plants to add to our little plot of paradise in Dover.

We have two granddaughters that often accompany us on our visits to your nursery. This past weekend was Zuri's ninth birthday weekend with us. As usual, we asked Zuri what she would most like to do as part of her celebration. Her first response was that she wanted to go to Kerby's! So, of course, we were delighted to bring her by for a little plant shopping.

Stephanie saw us when we pulled up and said, "Hello!". She is always so helpful and remembers Zuri and her sister, Amara, when they come. I told Stephanie that Zuri had asked to come by as part of her birthday celebration and she told me that you are also celebrating a big 40th birthday this year!

Zuri told me that her favorite things about Kerby's are all of the beautiful flowers...and says they are all her favorites! She especially likes the Hibiscus, Crepe Myrtle and Begonias. She loves the butterfly garden and she and her sister planted milkweed this year so they could watch the life cycle of the Monarchs. They also got "Butterfly Stones" to put in our butterfly garden. Zuri also loves your fishpond and the water lilies. And of course, she loves your cat and always visits her when we come. Zuri said her very favorite part though is that people at Kerby's remember her and make her feel special when she comes!

Jane - Dover, FL

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