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Kerby's Planting Instructions

Thanks for letting me be a part of your garden! To make me feel at home and make sure I get along with all of your other plants, follow these easy steps for planting and caring for me. I’ll be sure to grow strong and beautiful.

1. Remove the Container - Carefully remove my container by holding the top of my rootball and gently sliding me out. If needed, loosen my roots slightly with some gentle squeezing, Be careful not to disturb my roots too much or I’ll go into shock.

2. Prepare the Planting Mix - I love a good rich soil, so prepare a planting mix of 1 part Black Gold Garden Soil, 1 part native soil, and if you want an added boost, add the appropriate amount of Espoma's Bio-Tone Starer Plus. If I’m an acid-loving plant, use Black Gold Garden Compost as the soil.

3. Dig the Hole - Dig my hole twice as wide and the same depth as the container that I came in. Set me in the hole and be sure that the top of my rootball is level with the surrounding soil.

4. Fill the Hole - Fill the hole with the planting mix from Step 2, packing the soil lightly to remove any air pockets. Soak thoroughly to make me feel at home in your garden.

6. Watering - As a new plant, I’m going to need plenty of water to get growing. Follow this schedule to help me develop a strong root system:

  • Water me daily in the 1st month
  • Water me every other day for the second month
  • Water me twice a week for the third month
  • After this period, water me once per week, or more frequently if we are very hot and dry.

7. Watering Tips:

  • Always water in the morning. I only need water when the sun is up. If you wait until I’m wilting, I won’t grow big and strong.

  • Water differently for plants in shady areas. If I’m in the shade, I’ll need a little less water. Make sure that I’m not sitting in soggy soil.

  • Use a hose. I like a nice deep soaking when I’m new, sprinklers may not give me enough water.

  • If I’m a hanging basket or container garden, check my soil daily and water when I’ve dried out. I’ll always need water more regularly than my cousins planted in the ground.

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