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April 21, 2022

Loud Feet

We recently got new sheets for our bed. It was time, since our old ones were becoming thinner and thinner with each washing. So, with crisp, clean sheets freshly washed and the bed made just right, both Kim and I were ready for a good night’s sleep. We settled in, enjoying the feel of the new sheets, and prepared ourselves for a long springtime nap. But then I started moving. Not tossing and turning or anything, just adjusting and trying to find that perfect spot to take me away to dreamland.

Now, if you work outdoors or have a job where you stand or walk a lot, then you know how rough it can be on your poor feet. From years of landscaping, digging, and running from one end of Kerby’s to the other, I have pretty calloused feet. Which is great if you need to do a hot coal walk, but not great with these new sheets. Every time I moved my feet, it sounded like little nails on a chalkboard. Crinkle-crinkle-scratch-scratch-crinkle-crinkle.

In desperation, I ran to the bathroom and grabbed one of Kim’s pumice stones and tried to rub down whatever little bits were catching on the sheets, but to no avail. Now, Kim is threatening to make me go for a pedicure, because every time I adjust my legs or roll over in bed, I wake her up with a loud crinkle scratching sound. And we were so excited about the new sheets. We’ve temporarily solved the problem by wearing socks, but just never had any idea that new sheets and my feet wouldn’t get along.

We were definitely on our feet a lot this past weekend with our 11th Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday. It was wonderful to see so many families having a great time hunting for eggs. No matter how many times we host the hunt, I’m always amazed at how quickly kids can find so many eggs! We’re already making plans for next year’s, so mark your calendars for April, 8 2023 at 10am. It’s a tradition we love sharing with you.

With a break from the higher humidity this week, the weather has been perfect for gardening. Salvias and blanket flowers, pentas and agapanthus are all putting on a show with their gorgeous blooms. And everywhere you look, shrubs and trees are flushing with fresh spring growth. I saw a quote from Jenny Uglow this week that I believe captures why so many of us love gardening: ‘We may think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it is our garden that is really nurturing us.’ In all of its forms, gardening nurtures us. I’ll take it, even if it does leave me with loud feet.

Happy Gardening,

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