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August 5, 2021

Garden Olympics

I don't know if you've been enjoying the Olympics, with its variety of controversy, touching stories, and athletic competition. The girls have been super into gymnastics this year, having started the sport themselves. (There is currently a gymnastics bar and a balance beam in my living room - things I never thought would happen to my house before having kids). We always like watching the swimming, diving, and even some of the sports you don't usually get to see like water polo and beach volleyball. There are just so many talented athletes and it has been nice to see a different level of cooperation in the competitions this year.

But as I considered the amazing abilities of these Olympians, I started to think that maybe they don't have anything on us gardeners. Sure, you can swim 200 meters in world record time, but can you dig holes in the heat of summer? Can you weed a garden bed in 30 minutes? Can you dig an irrigation trench across a yard in 20 minutes flat? OK, given that many of these athletes are in prime physical condition, the answer is probably yes.

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