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July 29, 2021

Raising Gardeners

You know you are raising little gardeners when your kids use their free time to plan and plant their very own secret garden. At home, Abby and Maddy are always undertaking interesting and often secretive tasks. Sometimes they are creating a new club, and other times, they are scheming some sort of plan to get Kim and I to do something for them. When the design and discussions for this new project were ongoing, we weren't sure what to expect. Evidently, they had picked out a location in the backyard that needed work and created a plan for a new secret garden. How could we say no, when their project would help clean the yard up a little bit?

So, they made a special trip up to the nursery and found just the right flowers and accents for their garden. Then they headed home, grabbed their shovels and a bag of Kerby's soil and went to work. Kim and I left them to it. It was their project and we wanted to let them do it the way they wanted.

First, they cleaned a bunch of weeds and trimmed some overgrown plants. Then they laid out their new items and started digging holes. I helped with one or two of the bigger holes, since there were some good-sized roots, but then left them to finish the planting and the watering. Slowly, over the last few weeks, their new plants have been growing and they are loving their new secret garden. And Kim and I were able to cross cleaning the flower bed in the back corner off of our to-do list. Thanks girls, I can't wait to see what your next garden project is.

Happy Gardening,

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