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June 2, 2022

Harvest Season

As we pass from May to June and enter summer, we also find ourselves in the thick of harvest season in the veggie garden. Folks up north have just planted their tomatoes and peppers for the season, but for us, it's time to pull out the cookbooks and plan what to do with our bounty.

Or, at least, I hope that is the case for you! Our garden at home is in full harvest mode. We can't eat the tomatoes fast enough. I'm sure you'd like to keep your harvests going for as long as possible, so here are a few of my tips for extending and maximizing your garden harvests.

1. Keep Watering - Don't let one heavy rain stop you from checking on your plants. Water from Mother Nature is great, but it isn't always consistent. Plants need consistent, deep waterings, especially when they are big and full of veggies. My garden gets a good deep watering twice per week, and we still check and spot water most afternoons when it gets hot. Consistent watering leads to great harvests.

2. Scout - This part of gardening is fun and necessary. Grab your favorite morning beverage and take a walk through your garden to take stock of what's going on. Not only does it allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labors, sneaking a taste of your tomatoes before anyone else gets to them, but it also lets you watch for issues. The bigger the plants and the more veggies they are producing, the more bugs you'll find coming your way. Note if you see any insects and make a plan to spray with Neem Oil or Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew if needed. We're also getting humid, which means disease can start to creep in. Watch for black or brown spots in leaves and if needed, treat with a Copper Soap Fungicide. You only have to keep the plants happy for a few more weeks, since by July most production will be finished.

3. Treat Early - Don't wait for problems to take over and ruin your harvests. When a problem such as a pest or disease is caught and treated early, the plants can recover quickly. If you wait for a major infestation, no amount of spraying will help. And don't forget to always spray pesticides and fungicides in the evening when the sun isn't directly on your plants. Water in the morning, spray in the evening.

4. Harvest and Enjoy - I could eat fresh-harvested tomatoes with mozzarella cheese, basil, olive oil, and a pinch of salt every day for the rest of my life and be happy. I'm sure you have your favorite recipes, so get them out, get harvesting and enjoy.

Happy Gardening,

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