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May 12, 2022

Dessert Comes First

Abby wants to open a restaurant someday, and she's already come up with the name: Dessert Comes First. From the name, you probably get that she, like most kids, is interested in the sweet stuff. To be honest, I think for many adults, we'd probably take a bowl of ice cream over a steaming pile of broccoli, too.

We were at a restaurant for lunch recently, trying to decide if we wanted any appetizers and somehow the conversation quickly shifted to chocolate cake. Our waitress told us about a regular customer that she has that always orders a piece of cake first and her meal second. After a few times of this customer coming in, our waitress said that she asked her why she ordered cake first. Her comment was, 'I don't know what's going to happen on any given day and at any given time, so I always have my cake first.'

Wise words to live by, though I'm not sure my doctor would agree. It is easy to forget to do the fun things when we get so busy and bogged down with the little day-to-day items that seem to dominate our time. The future will tell if Abby ever gets to open her restaurant, but at least she is making plans with the right attitude. Dessert comes first. Don't get me wrong, I don't think you should start every meal with a big slice of chocolate cake, but it wouldn't hurt to treat yourself every now and then.

Both our plants and us have had a treat this week with cooler mornings and some soaking rains. But even though it has rained a little, and the mornings are cooler, don't forget to water your new plants. Think of water as dessert for your plants. It should always come first. You know our typical watering instructions: Daily for the first month, always in the morning, every other day for the second month, and twice weekly for the third month. Most importantly, don't stop watering just because it rained once or twice. Keep to that initial watering schedule to make sure all of your plants thrive. Once you've treated all of your plants to a deep soaking of clean, crisp water, go on and get yourself a slice of chocolate cake, you've earned it. And maybe someday you'll get a chance to go to Abby's restaurant where Dessert Comes First.

Happy Gardening,

The Kerby's Nursery Family

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