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May 13, 2021

Birds of the Night

I love birds. I love listening to them and watching them flutter around the yard. We have a family of cardinals that makes our viburnum hedge their home each year and a pair of swallows that always nest in the wreath on our front door. Whenever we see a bird that we don’t recognize, one of us will run to the bookshelf in the living room to find our North American bird book and we’ll frantically flip through to figure out what the new discovery is.

Yes, birds are beautiful, with so many different colors, sizes and of course their lovely calls. Delightful whistles, chirps, and songs . . . except when it is the middle of the night.

You know how sometimes you wake up and don’t know what time it is? For me, I have a couple of cues that I use to determine the time. First, I inhale to see if I smell coffee. If there isn’t an aroma of coffee, I look for a few streams of sunlight from the edges of our blackout curtains. If neither of those check out, I listen for the sounds of birds beginning to wake up in the morning. If I smell, see, or hear any of those, then I feel like I have some clue that morning has arrived. However, for the past few weeks on random nights, we have heard a chatter of birds outside our bedroom window. Whenever I hear them, my mind says ‘Time to get up’ and then I look at the clock and realize that it is 1:45 in the morning and nowhere near time to be out of bed.

Both Kim and I were lying awake the other night, just listening to the chirping. We aren’t sure what is happening. Maybe a rat or a mouse is trying to get into a nest. Maybe there is a new species of nocturnal birds that we weren’t aware of. Either way, as much as I love birds, I wish these little guys would keep quiet during the night. Even the chickens don’t make any noise until the sun comes up.

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