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May 20, 2021

4 Things to Make You a Watering Pro

You are busy. So, I'm going to hit you with the highlight up front: The four things that will make you a watering pro are: Consistent, Morning, Deep, and Hose. Before I get to the meat of the article, however, I have to apologize for last week's newsletter. If you are a regular reader, then you noticed that I left a few sentences from the newsletter the week before at the end of the first paragraph. Whoops. I promise I wasn't using either chunks of metal or a lawn mower on our night-singing birds. I hope the newsletter made sense, even with a few dangling sentences. I think that this week's newsletter has been thoroughly edited and is error-free, but no promises. And with that, let's get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

The four things to make you a watering pro:

1. Consistent - By now you know the Kerby's watering lecture for new plants: Daily for the first month, every other day for the second month, and twice weekly for the third month. The consistency of that schedule is the key. Plants need regular water. They don't need some today and lots three days from now and then a week off and then another big drink. They need regular, consistent watering. Follow the initial watering schedule and your plants will thrive.

2. Morning - Always always always always always water in the morning. Plants don't use water at night. They sit with wet roots in soggy soil and by the next day when the sun is up and it is hot, that water is beyond their root systems. There is nothing there for them to drink. And that's why they wilt at the end of the day. I can't say it enough. Water in the morning as much as possible.

3. Deep - When you are thirsty, you ask for a glass of water, not a spoonful or a little spritz. You want to quench your thirst. Plants are no different. Every stem, petiole, and leaf needs water to transport nutrients, make food, and cool down. That can take quite a bit of water depending on the size of the plant. Deep watering ensures that plenty of water gets through the entire root system. And deep, consistent waterings do something else. They train the plant to 'know' that there is water available below. Plants are smarter than we give them credit for. They grow leaves where there is sun, and they grow roots where there is water. If you only give plants a little spray every now and then, it trains them that there will only be water available at the surface, so that's where they grow roots. Surface roots dry out faster and don't allow the plant to establish well. Water deeply, and the roots of your new plants will be encouraged to grow downward, following the water. Deep roots = strong roots and a happy healthy plant.

There you have it. To be a watering pro, you need to water consistently, in the morning, deeply with your garden hose. Say it again: consistent, morning, deep, hose. I think you've got it. I just know all of your plants are going to thrive like they never have before.

Happy Gardening,

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