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November 18, 2021

Choose a Team

Which team are you on when it comes to how early to start Christmas? Are you listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween and on the Christmas-as-early-as-possible team? Or do your prefer to let November roll along before hearing Mariah Carey tell us about all that she wants for Christmas and on the Christmas-after-Thanksgiving team?

I tend to be in the latter. It's not that I don't like being Holly and Jolly and I'm definitely no Grinch, but I guess I just like letting a little more anticipation build before digging out our favorite Christmas books, movies, and decorations. I'll admit I've listened to a few Christmas songs (not Mariah Carey, definitely some Pentatonix), and have started thinking about all of the people on my Christmas list, but I'm still going to wait to bring Christmas out in full force.

And even though I won't be getting my tree out at home until after Thanksgiving, Christmas is unavoidable at the nursery. This week, everything arrived in a flurry with Christmas cactus, poinsettias, and reindeer philodendron now bursting the seams of our greenhouse. By next week, we'll have transformed the pumpkin wall into our Merry & Bright winter wonderland with the perfect spot to take a family holiday picture.

Since you probably can't help but think about the folks on your Christmas shopping list, we've got our Holiday Garden guide below to give you a few ideas. Plants and gardening have become a new hobby for many folks over the last two years as they've turned to nature for healing and happiness, so help them on their journey with a great gift for their garden.

And when you do need a break from family or the added stress of the holiday season, come see us. Besides Christmas plants, there are plenty of beautiful things to add to your garden. Plus, you'll get the first peek at the new checkout building which should (fingers crossed) be opening in the next couple of weeks. We hope the start to your holiday season is truly merry and bright, no matter which Christmas team you are on.

Happy Gardening,

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