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September 16, 2021

Fresh Beginnings

As I started this newsletter, I was thinking about change. And then I realized that if the last 18 months have shown us anything it is that while we are adaptable, we aren't always that fond of change. No. Change isn't it. What we love is fresh beginnings. When we feel like we can turn a page and start a new chapter.

In the garden, that's what Fall gives us. In Florida, you kind of have to make fall happen. Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate with cool temps and dry air, so we have to mark the change of seasons on our own. For me, getting our cool-season veggie gardens going is the unofficial start of the Fall season. And this week, our full crop of veggie starts arrived at Kerby's. Collards, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and peppers are ready to be a part of your garden. It's the kind of fresh beginning that we sometimes need. So, clean out your veggie beds and remove any leftover plants that you didn't get around to pulling out over the summer, recharge your soil and get something fresh planted for the season. A little work now will mean that in October when we do finally get our first cool front, you'll be ready to sit in your garden with a hot cup of coffee, and to quote Tim McGraw, watch your corn pop up in rows (OK so corn is probably not the best crop for winter, but watching your collard greens pop up just doesn't have the same lyrical flow).

If you are new to veggie gardening, new to Florida or just want this season's veggie garden to be better than ever, then join us this Saturday, September 18th at 10am for our first gardening seminar of the season. I'll share my best tips and tricks for making your gardens really grow. Let's make Fall happen together.

Happy Gardening,

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